Monday - Thursday by appointment (excluding public and school holiday periods)

Lessons and services outside these hours may be individually negotiated.



Fees may be revised annually in accordance with the rates recommended by the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland.

15 minutes  -  $17.50 (young children)
30 minutes  -  $35
45 minutes  -  $52.50
60 minutes  -  $70

School Aged Students
Fees are payable per term, in advance. Mid-term enrolments are billed for the lessons remaining in the term. A registration fee of $10 is due each term.

Adult Students
Adult students are required to pay for each lesson attended, in advance. 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations; full lesson fees will be charged for cancellations outside this time frame.


Lessons and services can be paid by direct deposit, cash or card (surcharge applies). Payments are non refundable.

Absence &


Upon enrolling/booking with the studio, an exclusive lesson time is reserved, and as such, when a student does not attend a lesson, with or without notice, this causes direct financial loss to the teacher. The Music Teachers' Association of Queensland recommends that accredited members charge for all missed lessons, unless the circumstances, in the teacher’s opinion, warrant some special concession.

In the unlikely event that I cannot attend a lesson, students will be notified as soon as possible, and the lesson rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time.

Make up lessons may become available in the event of cancellations, but are not guaranteed.

To discontinue lessons, written notice is required no later than the last lesson of the current term. Failure to provide the required notice may result in a cancellation fee (50% of the following term account).

General Information


Music study requires a commitment from students and parents alike. Students are encouraged to complete daily practice, commensurate to student age and level of experience, and to arrived prepare for their lessons, with all materials.

I am not able to hold responsibility for your child outside of their allotted lesson time, and as such, students should not be dropped off early or collected late from lessons. Furthermore, prompt arrival and collection shows consideration to the student prior and subsequent, ensuring an uninterrupted lesson time for all students.

I have a zero tolerance policy for uncooperative or disrespectful behaviour from students.

Vocal students are welcome to bring a recording device (i.e. iPhone/iPod) to record each lesson for at-home practice.

I have an open door policy and will happily address any questions or concerns that arise. Please feel free to ask questions during lesson time, or via phone/text/email. Parents of children and teens will receive periodic updates from me, tracking progress and discussing other studio matters. At all times, respectful correspondence between all parties is required.

In accordance with the requirements of the Commission for Children and Young Pople, and as a business regulated by the Commission's Act, I, Courtney Feldman, have a current Blue Suitability Card and Risk Management Strategy in place, showing a commitment to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all clients. These can be sighted upon request.

The reproduction of sheet music (hard and digital copies) and audio recordings is strictly prohibited by Australian Copyright Law. Therefore, the purchase of all required lesson materials is at the expense of the student.