piano for singers

children / teens / adults

Haver you ever been presented with a score and had no idea where to start? Do you rely on recordings to learn songs? Have you ever wanted to ditch the backing track and accompany yourself? Do the words 'key change' perplex you?

As a singer, one of the most important things you can do to support your learning journey is to develop your piano skills. With all the music theory laid at your fingertips in black and white, you will gain self sufficiency in practice and performance, and learn invaluable skills to help you 'debunk' the songs you want to learn! And heres the good news... you don't have to be a whiz at scales or practice for hours a day to see real results!

Courtney is skilled at cutting through the jargon to create a simple, logical and streamlined approach to learning. Using a great selection of resources and technology, Courtney meets you where you are, no prior experience necessary! 

Areas of study can include: sheet music (score) and chart reading, playing melodies, playing chords (harmony), styles of accompaniment, registers of the piano and the role they play in performance, transposing and arranging.

Please refer to my studio policy for further information.