young children / children / teens / adults


Courtney is an advocate for functional pianism. She recognises that in an ever-changing contemporary music landscape, versatility as an artist is integral to sustained success. For pianists in particular, this requires a broad skills base in both solo and collaborative styles of playing, and all styles of CCM repertoire.

Using cutting edge pedagogical techniques, Courtney tailors a course of study that serves each of her student's unique needs, incorporating a variety of functional exercises to enable comfortable, versatile and expressive playing.

Areas of focus can include: bodywork (including healthy posture, hand and playing position), practice technique, keyboard technology, music theory, style/composer/artist history, improvisation, ensemble and solo performance skills and performance confidence.

Young children (prep age upwards) are embraced at the studio, and engaged with a number of age-appropriate resources, activities and games during in each lesson. Older students (teens and adults) are invited to work with studio vocalists in lessons and in studio performances, exploring the art of accompanying at a foundational level.

Please refer to my studio policy for further information.